Together we can move mountains 

Anna Tenstam is active within the global Lifescience market, she has +35 years experience from the industry in the range from big corporations to smaller start-ups, as CEO/ founder and Chairwoman in many different countries and cultures. 

“It’s a great variety! On my plate right now is a handfull of boards and start-ups, mainly in medtech. I’m also a very active investor with engagement in Femtech companies. Today I live in Stockholm city, managing companies, boards and my own investments.”

Thanks to her many years of leading companies in different stages including taking the role as VP and CEO in international listed and unlisted companies, Anna has valuable experience and knowledge to support and develop teams and companies to achieve their goals – among others she was early engaged in Restyle and Evolence. Today she is an active Angel Investor. In addition to the financial investments, Anna also adds international perspecive gained from her time living and working abroad in US, Israel, Asia and UK as well as strategical value, such as management and leadership skills to drive a company from start-up to exit, to her portfolio companies.

In your opinion, why are Angel Investors important? 

“To bring people together and fuel innovations!”

Anna is excited about becoming part of Curious Investor’s (Nyfikna Investerares) Angel Network.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting exciting new people and innovations! I believe that Curious Investors Angel community, with entrepreneurs and high drive, will suit me well. It’s a good team behind. Together we can move mountains!