Sweden is one of 72 countries to celebrate World Business Angel Investors Week

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The World Business Angels Investment Forum
An affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI)



Sweden panel 19 October 2021

For the first time, Sweden is being invited to showcase its investors and innovations at the global World Business Angel Investors Week, 19th of October

World Business Angel Investors Week WBAW is a global platform from which to campaign for solutions to critical issues of early-stage equity and capital markets, startup economies, and other worldwide concerns at the United Nations, the European Union, the ASEAN Economic Community, the OECD, and in G20 countries and regional and local economies. This year’s global theme is Business Diplomacy for International Entrepreneurship. It will be broadcasted online worldwide and with International dignitaries such as the Minister of Finance of Monaco H.E. Jean Castellini, Raymond Wong, Head of Investment at HKSTP – Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, and the CEO of Etihad Credit Insurance in UAE, Massimo Falcioni among the Keynote speakers.

The Week is coordinated globally by the World Business Angels Investment Forum WBAF – An affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI). The WBAW 2021 hosts more than 80.000 entrepreneurs, startups, investors, innovators, policymakers, and thought leaders from around the world. An affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), the World Business Angels Investment Forum issues commemorative stamps for events and themes of widespread global appeal and significance of the Week.  

“Sweden has an incredible track record when it comes to innovation both for creating new world-leading billion-dollar companies from small startups and for impact and sustainability. Very proud to have key investors and entrepreneurs sharing their learnings and look at what will be the successful innovation & startups in the future.” 
/ Katarina Strandberg

World Business Angel Investor Week – Swedish Panel  
Sweden has a dedicated 2 hours session that will be broadcasted globally including in front of the WBAF international investment and political network. Sweden is a  frontrunner within investments and gender equality and in food innovation, and the key players from finance and from food innovation are therefore invited to share knowledge and push the questions of how to create a more lustful and inclusive way to drive sustainable innovation and consumer and industrial behavior. A chance for Sweden to make an even stronger global impact.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to follow all WBAW events free online after registering, the Swedish panel is presented under the Europe section of: www.angelsweek.org

“Put your money where your mouth is” will be my topic. Investment in soil health and food tech is essential for pleasure and survival. I am honored to be part of this game-changing event.”
Paul Svensson

“It’s a great honor to participate in the Swedish panel amongst leading investors and business leaders as invited speakers when Sweden Celebrates Angel Investors’ Flagship – World Business Angel Investors Week. I’m looking very much forward to share the insights gained through my community – Nyfikna Investerare. ”
Joanna Törngren Redebrant

Key Note Speakers
Touching the big challenges of a much-needed way of investing in the future;  

  • Paul Svenssonfamous Swedish Chef and thought leader in sustainable innovation through the whole values chain. 
    Svensson will talk about: Innovation and change drivers in the food industry – how do we stop the guilt and create a lustful innovative atmosphere for effective change that includes the environment, the finance, and everybody?  
  • Annette NordvallTop Swedish Angel Investor and change-maker within deep tech and Sustainable impact. 
    The topics Nordvall is lifting: Woman Supporting Woman and how true tech innovation and investors support the best persons (regardless of gender or color). How are women as investors and owners for authentic diversity and inclusion? 

Country Chair WBAF

  • Katarina StrandbergCountry Chairman World Business Angel Investment Forum, business lawyer, and co-founder of The Swedish Villa, an international community of top independent Experts in marketing and communication 

About Angel Investors Week 

World Business Angel Investors Week is envisioned as a great platform where all stakeholders pause to assess their fast-paced journey, to analyze why and how we should leverage angel investment as a must-have financial tool for boosting economies, and to reiterate how entrepreneurial ecosystems can create more jobs, more wealth and more social justice in co-operation with key players in early-stage equity markets. It is celebrated every third week of October, under a global theme. The Week will be hosting more than 70.000 delegates from 71 countries. 

This week-long event is an open platform for connecting, learning, sharing, exhibiting inventions and innovations, and exchanging know-how that promotes entrepreneurship and angel investment ecosystems. World Business Angel Investors Week is a great platform from which to campaign for solutions to critical issues of early-stage equity and capital markets and other worldwide concerns at the United Nations, the European Union, and in G20 countries and regional and local economies.

Quick Facts
Celebrated in 71 Countries of 5 continents and 2 regions more than 70.000 participants from around the world, 210 Key-note speakers, 564 distinguished panel speakers, address of 12 Presidents, 6 Prime Ministers, 32 Ministers, 200 Exhibitors from 62 countries, 50 International workshops. 

Angels Week Sweden – details 
Sweden is a frontrunner within both sustainability, gender equality and innovations. Startups from the country have an outstanding track record and the invited participants will share some of their key insights on why, how and what we can learn from this. How does investments with impact, financial results, and a more diverse and inclusive framework actually work? 

You can follow all events free by registering here: www.angelsweek.org

Full Swedish Panel Participants list

  • Anette NordvallChapter President, Keiretsu Forum Nordics
  • Ann-Katrin LottieDirector Brand & Insight, ICA Group
  • Isabel MorettiCEO, Swedish Meat
  • Joanna Törngren RedebrantAngel Investor and Founder, Nyfikna Investerare (”Curious Investors”, Investor Network)
  • Katarina StrandbergChairman Sweden, World Business Angel Investment Forum, CEO & Co-founder The Swedish Villa 
  • Maria Perez HultströmPartner & Investment Manager, Priveq (Private Equity Firm)
  • Monalotte Theorell Christofferson, CFO Stena Sessan AB and Chairman SVCA (Swedish Private Equity and Venture Capital Association) 
  • Paul SvenssonBusiness activist and Chef 

For more information contact 

Leila Falkenberg, Project Coordinator +46 73 310 99 91

Nina Jansdotter PR, nina@ninajansdotter.com

Katarina Strandberg, Country Chair WBAF +46 76 375 03 36

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