About Nyfikna Investerare

Nyfikna Investerare, Curious Investors, is a Swedish Business Angel network and Community for people who are interested in investments across various asset classes. With its origin in precious metals, the network today offers its members early stage investment opportunities in unlisted companies through a pre-screened deal flow of Swedish startups. Since launch last year, the network has seen an impressive hit rate with successful investments in companies such as Leia, Powermind, Moorigno, Herbox, Trooper and Alwy.

Nyfikna Investerare is launching international hub in Zurich and the Network is now opening up to international investors. Next up, we will host a first international pitch meeting where a number of Swedish startups that are seeking international capital will be present. To sign up for this upcoming event, contact our Global Partner Victoria Stolpe at victoria@nyfiknainvesterare.se for more information.